Maček Furniture


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


"Mark raises the bar; his technical knowledge and skill combined with a personal aesthetic grounded in the nature of materials makes him the ultimate collaborator. Mark is not capable of building something bad."  

Arthur Andersson


What is your name?

Maček Furniture Company

Who are you?

A design house specializing in custom fabrication with hardwood lumber and veneer, based in Austin, Texas.  All commissions are made-to-order, unique, signed and dated.  

Where were you educated?

After graduating from architecture school and apprenticing with master craftsman Louis Fry, Mark Maček opened Maček Furniture Company in 1995.   

Can you describe yourself briefly?

Rough and polished, comfortable and unexpected, Maček Furniture enjoys the interplay between designing and making.  

Any details about you? 

All furniture on this website was designed by Mark Maček unless specifically noted.  This entire site is copyright 2016 Mark Maček. 

Any likes?

Log cabins, TVs shaped like astronaut helmets, Sly and the Family Stone.

How about a quote from you?

“Seeking a clear visual solution to a complex problem is the greatest task for any designer, and finding that solution is the greatest thrill.”  

Any relationships?

Maček Furniture Company’s clients include architects, interior designers, design collectors, churches, and public institutions.

Where do you live? 

All Maček Furniture Company projects are made at the Splinter Group Warehouse, 405 Springdale Road 78702, by these adroit craftspeople:

Austin Howard, Alex Diamond, Heidi Landau, and Mark Maček.

Former resident craftspeople include: 

Shota Yamaguchi

Ace San Miguel

Mark Schiff

Leora Visotzky

Jordan Tietelbaum

David Schneider

Wu Hanyen

Kyle Petro

Andrew Danziger

Joseph Wagner

Zack LeBlanc

Ellen Alger Burris

Thad Freeman

Scott Sivori

Joseph Cleghorn

Austin Hunter Thomas

Kevin Mouton

Aris Kelly

Lucas Brown

Hari Narayan Khalsa

Dawn Danby

Eric Lawrenc


Current resident cat: